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Are you ready to compile your factual and fascinating ideas in a logical flow, attention-grabbing narration, and a best-selling nonfiction eBook?

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Non-Fiction Book Writing Services

Writing a nonfiction book is an entirely different experience. We strive to nurture your passionate ideas into a publishable book by narrating a true story explicitly or stating the facts vividly. The deep-thought process of our ghostwriters will help you achieve an outstanding piece of literature. Our diligent team of professional ghostwriters is extremely diverse in the way they write and ensure quality output by creating fascinating and compelling content. Our nonfiction ghostwriting process involves active listening, note-taking, and an impressive writing style; you will feel comfortable working with us!


Our Published Non-Fiction Books

Our nonfiction books goes the extra mile in informing readers about important topics, presenting unique perspectives, and offering them with valuable insights. Our ghostwriters encapsulate intricate details in your book that attracts target readers and promises its success.


Your Dream Book

Our expert ghostwriters are highly professional in their work; they make sure that you speak your story with sheer confidence. Therefore, American Books Writer diligently works towards the primary goal of satisfying you entirely by offering an engaging nonfiction ebook exactly how you imagined it to be: captivating, accurate, and timeless.

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Our experienced and collaborative ghostwriters diligently guide you throughout the challenging writing process and even take full responsibility for composing it. Our book writing services for the nonfiction genre capture your emotions, experiences, and perspectives very profoundly to deliver the book of your dreams.

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Storytelling Essentials

The narration of your unique ideas should be powerful enough to influence and captivate a reader to attract the masses. Story writing is an art in which our team excels. With their impeccable writing skills, our ghost book writers create an outstanding piece of nonfiction that resonates among all audiences.

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Put your Work out there

It requires a lot of courage to publish a part of you. We value your time and story enough to deliver it to the readers the way it deserves to. You can trust our best ghostwriters to publish your story with utmost coherence and precision, and have confidence in your work to be the best amongst all!

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Our Non-Fiction Writing Process

Have you ever read a story inspired by a real-life events, absolutely loved it, and you questioned yourself, “how can I write my nonfiction book with such a busy schedule”? Well, our ghostwriters are quite at their leisure! Nonfiction revolves around facts and often gives meaning to the hardest questions of life. So, if you have a ravishing nonfiction in mind, contact our ghostwriters to give it a written reality. We will guide you systematically through the book writing process. From editing to helping you get it published, our outstanding ghostwriters can make us worthy of your choice.

Non-Fiction Note keeping

Your scribbles can be transformed into an exceptional pieces of non-fiction writing with the help of our writers. So, hire us to avail yourself of exclusive non-fiction writing services.

Writing Non-Fiction

Our team will select the ghost authors who suit your writing style. During the writing process, constant coordination will keep you in the loop with the timely advancements in your non-fiction book.

Shaping your Ideas

Our writing process includes forming your ideas into a product appealing to your taste in non-fiction writing. Meanwhile, we will guide you through the proceedings of your ebook.

Editing Process

Our ghostwriting services include a thorough editing process which can help you get the finishing touch you desire in your non-fiction ebook. This step entails your utmost satisfaction.

Revising Non-Fiction

Revisions are provided multiple times until you are completely satisfied with our finished product. Any changes you suggest, we are here to revise and format them according to your desire.

Publishing Process

After a thorough editing process, we enter the publishing phase. Your book will be published conforming to all legal standards and in the customized format of your choice.