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Captivating Fiction Writing Service

Let us gather your fantasies, channel your inspirations, and create the world of your fiction! American Books Writer set the tone for your ideas, and refine your plot and characters to achieve a best-selling book.

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Fiction Book Writing Service

Have you been dreaming of a thought-provoking story but don't know how to start?

At American Books Writer, we will sketch your protagonist and plot in a way that leaves a lasting impression on the reader's mind. Our fictional ghostwriting will structure your narrative into a best-selling book.

Our team masters all fiction genres, be it a gothic novel or a stellar sci-fi, any detective novel or a budding romance. Our skilled writers master the art of creating a profound sense of suspense and fear that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Nonetheless, the intense chemistry between the two main characters leaves the hearts fluttering in an intriguing world.


Our Published Fiction Books

Browse the collection of cohesive, captivating, critically acclaimed fiction stories that our versatile ghostwriters inscribed with utmost finesse into an entrancing narrative. Our specialized fictional ghostwriting can exhibit the expertise to mould your concepts into a best-seller too!


Science Fiction

Sci-fi is a genre of literature that focuses on how real or made-up science affects individuals or society. Our scrupulous fictional ghostwriting frequently research cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements to predict the techno-social transformations and help you write your science fiction novel in a way that shocks readers’ sense of cultural decorum and heightens their awareness.

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Fantasy Fiction

Fantasy fiction stands as the oldest genre of literature. There's no doubt that it’s also the most popular genre of all time too. It is vital to be extremely descriptive when writing a fantasy book to visualize the otherworldly wonder of your ideas in the reader's mind. Our skilled ghostwriters assist you in crafting your book in an enticing manner that transcend readers into the realm of imagination.

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Romance Fiction

To say romance fiction is popular would be an understatement. It is the choice of 29 million adult readers! It revolves around the concept of love and tragedy and the blossoming of a relationship between two individuals- which our writers capture quite poetically. Hence, prepare to collate your ideas into a soul-stirring romance novel and take your readers on an emotional rollercoaster.

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Action-Adventure Fiction

Binge reading and action-adventure novels go together. Just science, really! Fast-paced and intriguing plot reinvigorate readers’ heart rate, rush adrenaline through their veins, and get their eyes riveted to the pages as they flip through them. Hence, we pen your ideas in a page turning tone and narrative that entices readers to continue reading until the climatic “the end”.

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Streamlined Fiction Ebook Writing Process

Our fictional book writers put down intricate character details and thematic plot twists, and assist you through the process of constructing an outline, editing your scribbles, and helping you get your manuscript published. If you prefer, you may opt for these services separately or choose a more economical package. Once you contact our sales representative, you are required to fill all the essentials in a questionnaire. Then, our fiction writers will start with the outline of your book and inscribe the initial draft. Once chapters are revised and approved, your novel will enter the editing stage. The editing process gives adds a finishing touch to your enticing story. Lastly, our executives go through a standard publishing process to give your book a legal status.

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You can now hire our ghostwriters by signing up on our website. Share a short introduction to your ebook with us via email or call. Your perceptions will help us see through your plan.

Brief Questionnaire

Our content-oriented questionnaire aims to understand clients’ expectations. This form aids writers in setting a specific tone and theme for your ebook, and initiates collaboration between us.

Effective Outline

We encompass your expectations in the shape of an effective outline. Our writers provide you with an immaculate layout that plans the chapter-division and synchronizes the structure of your ebook.

Coordination Call

The introductory chapter of the book is the heart of any manuscript. For your satisfaction, we arrange a coordination call to collect all the essential elements required in your book.

Content Approval

We make sure that the content in each chapter aligns with the instructions specified by you. Moreover, we move ahead only when the initial draft/chapter is approved by you.

Swift Delivery

The last stage of the process deals with the delivery of your project. However, you will receive the final revision of your book first- before we send it for publishing and begin its marketing.