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Ghostwriting – FAQs

What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting refers to the process of hiring a professional writer to put your ideas in ink under your name.

How can I find someone to write a book for me?

The internet is swarming with ghostwriting specialists- ready put your ideas to paper and digital print! Therefore, your ghostwriter may be just one click and search away.

American Books Writer also works with the leading ghostwriters who master genre-inclusive writing and guarantee optimum client satisfaction with decades of experience in the field. You might find your book writing partner here too.

How does hiring a ghostwriter work?

Just like in any relationship, compatibility is essential for your ghostwriting companionship. Hence, your hiring must ensure focus on the writer’s comprehension of your book’s genre, respect for your ideas and their originality, and symphony with your narrative.

Furthermore, as communication plays an integral in sustaining a relationship, your close collaboration with the ghostwriter, careful understanding of their expertise and your expectations, and official contractual agreement remain imperative throughout the hiring process.

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

Every project is unique in nature and requires a distinct ghostwriting package. Therefore, we keep our pricing plan flexible and usually vary it according to the number of pages, word count, deadlines, etc.

Get in touch with our support team to get accurate quotes.

What should I look for in a ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter must be creative and efficient, analytical with research, and have a knack for storytelling. Moreover, communication and a thorough understanding of your demands supersede every other skill you may be looking for in a professional ghostwriter.

Are ghostwriters worth it?


Your struggle to arrange your ideas in a concrete story and your failure to schedule an elaborate writing session against the constraint of time are timeless issues that will always seek professional ghostwriting assistance.

Leading ghostwriting companies like American Books Writer comprehend your ideas, shape them into a book, publish it under your name, and provide you with all the copyrights!

Is ghostwriting in demand?

An estimated 60% of non-fiction books of all kinds were written with the help of ghostwriters. In addition to this, various publishers have admitted that approximately 70% of the books they publish are written by ghostwriters.

The numbers speak for themselves here!

I don’t have time to write my book but I have many ideas. Can American Books Writer help me?

Yes, for sure!

American Books Writer are at your service with their affordable packages and expert ghostwriting services. Our talented writers specialize in comprehending your ideas and publishing a best-seller to your name.

What ghostwriting services do you offer?

American Books Writer offer vast services in ghostwriting fiction, non-fiction, business books, memoirs, and children's books.

Besides book writing, our services also include writing engaging speeches, optimized articles, and insightful plays.

What is the ghostwriting experience of American Books Writer?

American Books Writer has dominated the ghostwriting industry for 12+ years. We have successfully written books in every genre, sold 25 million+ of copies, and published 5690+ of our manuscripts to best-selling standards.

What to expect from our ghostwriting services?

Literary perfection. Comprehensive assistance.

Prepare for exceptional genre-inclusive writing, thorough editing, seamless publishing, and stellar marketing. And that too, at affordable rates.

How long will American Books Writer take to write my book?

Even though writing a book is a hectic task and consumes a huge amount of time and concentration. Our ghostwriters work day and night tirelessly and write your book in 3-6 months. We do not compromise on the accuracy and quality of your text.

Who will be in charge of writing my book?

You take the command and we steer the wheel!

Of course, you will be in charge of writing your book. However, our expert ghostwriters will thoroughly assist you in transforming your ideas into words.

Do I get complete rights to my book if I choose American Books Writer to write it?

Of course. It is your book- published under your name.

At American Books Writer, we respect our clients’ concerns regarding confidentiality. You, the author, get complete and exclusive rights to your book.

Can I get a sample of my ghostwriter’s writing style?

We understand your apprehensiveness and concerns about getting your book written online. That’s why to get your confidence we present to you an outline with which you can get a taste of our ghostwriter’s writing style.

What is the ghostwriting process of American Books Writer?

Our ghostwriting process begins with comprehending your ideas and consolidating your concepts in a sequential arrangement. We conduct thorough research to create a rough draft and carefully review it before sending it for your approval. Even though our professionally elaborate ghostwriting process attests to our credibility, we never compromise on our editing expertise! Hence, your text goes through suggested revisions and the final proofreading stage prior to its publishing on renowned platforms and successful marketing.

I have my book written. Can American Books Writer proofread and edit it for me?


If you have prepared a manuscript and you want it to be reviewed by a literary expert, our proficient editors are at your disposal. We will thoroughly edit your text and carefully proofread it to eliminate all errors and fix every mistake.

Can I customize my ghostwriting package?

Yes. You surely can.

Our services are flexible. Therefore, you can customize your own package according to the services you require.

How involved can I be in the ghostwriting process?

You can be as involved as you wish- in any stage of our book writing. If you wish to completely rely on our professional ghostwriters to write, edit, and publish your book, we got you! If you wish for our team to communicate with you and keep you updated with every new progress, we got you! After all, it is your book: your suggestions are essential and your feedback valuable!

What happens if I am not satisfied with the services of American Books Writer?

Even though dissatisfaction remains unprecedented among our clientele, contingency planning never hurt anyone, right? Hence, our meticulous review and constant revisions are always at your disposal to perfect every nook and corner of your ebook according to your expectations.


Can I publish a book by myself?


Albeit it is wise to consult a professional literary agent who can guide you through the way. American Books Writer provide you with consultants who assist you on your self-publishing journey.

How much does it cost to publish my book?

Publishing cost varies depending on the size of the book. Usually, publishing costs between $500 and $5000 in the US.

Can I just write a book and get it published?

Yes. Although, it is even easier with our services. In fact, American Books Writer covers all aspects from writing to editing to publishing.

Get your dream book published today.

Will American Books Writer publish my book under my name?

Of course! We will.

Once our team finalizes the ghostwriting stage, we begin processing the copyright contracts and have your initials imprinted on your ebook- ready to be distributed to renowned publishing houses.

Can American Books Writer connect me with a literary agent?


American Books Writer values your requests and strives to be at your service! Hence, we put you in contact with experienced and prominent literary agents to get your manuscripts past critical reviewers to the best-selling digital shelves.

Can American Books Writer guarantee to publish my book?

Of course!

American Books Writer are associated with prestigious publishing agencies. Therefore, we 100% guarantee to publish your book on famous ebook reading platforms, including Kindle, iBooks, Barnes & Noble Press, etc.


Can I hire someone to market my book?

Yes. However, it may not be just someone who should market your book. And the acclaimed book marketers are never at their leisure nor at your disposal.

Although American Books Writer prioritize the success of all its clients. Hence, we give you the opportunity to hire leading marketers for your book’s publicity.

Are you ready to join the best-sellers list with our sales-generating book marketing?

Are book publicists worth it?

Of course!

Let’s put it this way:

What worth a book is if nobody knows or heard about it? Hence, the value of a publicist is almost undeniable- especially in the competitive world swarming with widespread book printing and publishing.

How do American Books Writer promote book marketing?

At American Books Writer, we have a team of professionals who market your book to global appeal. We lay out proven strategies and publicize your book tactically. Moreover, digital marketing remains essential in skyrocketing your book’s sales and brushing up your reputation.