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Reliable Book Editing Solutions

Are you ready to clear your manuscripts of minute errors, contextual discrepancies, and linguistic mistakes to perfect your ideas into an outstanding book?

American Books Writer enjoys an unparalleled reputation for editing your work with 100% authors’ satisfaction!

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Cost-effective Book Editing Services

An error free manuscript is the key to a successful project. We promise a high quality standard and attention to detail with our expert qualitative analysis of your manuscripts. Regardless, of the subject, we can give you a thorough edit so you can move on to the next steps of your book publishing.

Every book needs a second look. It is integral that you employ the right editing service for your book so you can receive recommendations on how to improve your manuscript to make it into a successful book. We are experts in providing editing services and guarantee 100% satisfaction with the promise of publishing your work


Our Published Books

Our professional book writers are also highly qualified and reliable editing experts. With +12 years of experience, they distinguished American Books Writer in the market by perfecting the structural errors, textual mistakes, and other trivial and significant details of 576+ books. Hence, our fresh point of view and the meticulously critical lens are essential to your book editing journey!


Developmental Editing

Are you ready to weave your ideas' loose and entangled threads in the concrete fabric of a best-selling manuscript? Our developmental editing process assists you in executing your vision by guiding you through every stage. American Books Writer thoroughly evaluates your book in every step of its making to achieve the publisher's critique, reader's expectations, and –most importantly, your imagination.

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Editorial Evaluation

Are you sceptical about your characters' development or confused about the logical flow of your rough ideas? American Books Writer specializes in casting a quick and meticulous glance to offer an extensive insight into your manuscript. Therefore, our editorial assessment remains essential in resolving any fundamental issues in your potential best seller before going to a literary agent or publishing house.

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Structural Editing

As the name suggests, structural editing focuses on improving the structure of the text. Our editors focus on the plot's substance, the book's thematic sequence, dialogue formulation and characterization, and the textual symphony. Regardless of how time-consuming structural editing may be, our editorial experts mount up to this task with effortless proficiency.

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Copy Editing

Copy editing is the stage where our editing specialists revise and review the core substance of your manuscript. American Books Writer ensures your text is at its finest and free of all grammatical errors. Moreover, we correct your book's formatting, semantics, and terminologies to harmonize its content in the orchestra of best-selling perfection. Prepare your scripts for one last thorough scan!

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Processed to ebook Perfection

You may scribble your imagination down in a rough draft that requires careful review and extensive revisions. Or, you may share an excellent piece of literature that only needs our glance before receiving the publisher’s approval. Our specialists master every stage of the editing journey to clear every nook and corner of your book from mistakes and errors.

Our editors assess your whole manuscript for potential typographical, linguistic, or grammatical mistakes. In fact, our team of experts also goes the extra mile to examine your book's textual flow and sentence structure. As a result, we optimize your book to readers' appeal and literary standards.


Ring us for free consultations and quotes. Our sales representatives study each prospect in depth and dedicate their time and resources to put your queries at ease. Prepared to be reassured of the reliability of our book editing expertise.


This stage includes close collaboration and an acute understanding of your expectations. As a result, we take you through our standard editing procedure- proven to polish books of any genre and quality to best-selling excellence.


American Books Writer assigns a dedicated and experienced book editing team to your project. +12 years of experience qualifies them to perfect your manuscripts according to industry standards, linguistic benchmarks, and readers’ approval.


The proof of our perfection lies in our extensive client and project research. In addition to determining the suitable editing techniques, we also comprehend your concepts and inspiration to leave the originality and accuracy of your ideas uncompromised.


With in-depth review and close collaboration, we begin the essential editing process. Complete understanding of your concepts and application of industry practices improves the linguistic and structural aspect of your book while maintaining its content’s accuracy.


A final overview of your manuscript is essential before sending it off to the publishers. Therefore, proofreading serves as the fitting conclusion to our book editing process, where we ensure no error was left unchecked and no mistake remained uncorrected.