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Exquisite Book Covers

Are you looking for creative designs, vivid illustrations, and animated artwork to embrace the surface of your book?
Look no further than the cover designing specialist of American Books Writer.

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Proficient Book Cover Designers.

Book cover reflects its first impression. Therefore, it should be impactful enough to allure reading enthusiasts on the initial glance and resonate the essence of its genre with clarity. With our professional knowledge of graphic designing, we advance the process of book cover design.

12+ years of experience in designing immaculate book covers perfected our expertise and distinguished as the industry’s leading choice. You can count on our design team to help you with various types of book covers by subtly incorporating the prime idea of your book in it. Unlike any book cover design service company, which primarily focuses on the appearance of the book, we make sure to give you creative freedom over the process of book’s design.


Genre-inclusive Book Cover Design Services

Undoubtedly, we provide compelling book cover designs for every genre. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating art. We reflect the core essence of your imagination to conceptualise your book cover from scratch and deliver it to rave reviews.


Bold typography

In contemporary times, bold typography front covers have become very popular with thicker and darker-looking font characters. In fact, they are ubiquitously seen on numerous bestsellers. As readers are almost immediately drawn by such vibrant covers, American Books Writer perfects its typography to stellar market standards.

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A minimalist book cover design has a basic font, simplistic artwork, and sparse use of graphic components. However, their invisible intricacies provide a lot of room for interpretation to the readers. Therefore- instead of relying on extravagance, American Books Writer designs constituents that speak for themselves.

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A collage book cover is created by fusing two or more alluring and authentic images together. These pictures might not appear to be connected visually, yet when combined, they convey a message that prompts attentiveness form readers inspires them to think! We ensures our collage adds a unique spin to your conventional book cover.

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Photo Book Covers

Photo book covers feature an image that the authors captured themselves. Such covers depict your ideas at their raw, remain the most intimate of all the categories, and capture the genuine essence of real-life experiences and scenes. In fact, photo book covers exhibit an outstanding quality that Photoshop can never create.

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What we offer?

American Books Writer is your one-stop shop for having your book published with an outstanding cover design with intricate details, subtle messages, and thought-provoking artistry. Hence, our cover designing process guarantees 100% client satisfaction by delivering the highest quality of animations, images, and illustrations. And to have it all available in affordable rates becomes the primary source of attracting and retaining our clients- especially the beginner level authors who may not have enough resources to deliver their book to market competitive standards. Valuing customer relations, we transform intriguing design and striking book covers into the accurate depiction of your imagination. Customizing book covers in sophisticated and intricate designs follows an elaborate process discussed below.


We will schedule an appropriate time for you to give us all the major and minute details of your project. Therefore, we ensure that we understand precisely what you had in mind.


We do in-depth analysis and offer you existing designs that feature our creativity. This gives you the option to pick an existing design and customize it to your specific needs.


All the designs you want us to make will have mock-ups that you can look at and give us feedback on. We'll do our best to realize your vision exactly as you see it in your head.


Before moving further, we want to make sure you're happy with our designs and hear any feedback you have. Let us know if you need any changes made, and we'll be happy to assist you.


We will make the necessary changes to the final draft based on your feedback. Hence, we guarantee to fulfil all your needs and meet the expectations you had for your book’s cover design.


Once you are 100% satisfied with the outcome, we will hand over your project to you. We offer the finished cover design in various formats based on your preferences and convenience.