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No more running after publishing houses to review your work for publishing! Publish your book on your own terms on multiple platforms to get the most out of your book sales.
Trust us and let American Books Writer transform your self-publishing aspirations into best-selling achievements!

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Making Publication easier

You may have asked yourself,” Why do I need a publisher?” The answer to this is straightforward. Publishing can be painstakingly time-consuming, and its intricate procedures can easily wear an ordinary individual out. However, American Book Writers offer you handsome publishing deals to ease the nerve-wrecking pressure and the costly burden of distributing your book among renowned literary agents and reading enthusiasts.

We will assign you a team of ebook supervisors and client representatives to monitor your book’s progress at every stage of its publishing journey. Our professionals serve as essential tools and resources for you to carve your very own masterpiece. Moreover, we edit your book with a critical eye, format it to be reader-friendly, and market it with great branding exposure.


Our Works

Being veterans of the publishing world, we know the concerns you might face as an author. We have served as the trusted publishing partner of 476+ book writers. Hence, we are qualified to organize and bind your manuscripts in an accessible digital copy with a seamless book publishing process.


Editorial Assistance

Industry professionals and masters at work editors constitute the team of American Books Writer who diligently guide you through the editing stage to ensure your manuscripts are publication worthy. Each step of our expansive editing procedures serves to clean your text of every oversight and error and refine it to perfection!

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Marketing Support

Marketing a book is a real deal. Our professional marketing team comes up with creative strategies to give your book the exposure it needs to sell at a faster rate and become a potential best-seller. Furthermore, the literary spotlight, positive readers’ reviews, and 100% critical acclaim are just some cherries on top of the successful book marketing.

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Credible Association

Having your book published by a reliable and famous publishing house heightens the readers' anticipation and smoothens its promotion journey. Therefore, American Books Writer adds authenticity to your book's name with its affiliation with established ebook publishing agencies like Kindle and Nook Press.

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Publishing Companionship

Solo book publishing journey prepares strategic hindrances in the marketing stage. Therefore, consult American Books Writer to join hands with celebrated literary agents, connect with renowned publishing platforms, and secure credible marketers for your eBook to be delivered to stirring critical acclaim and rave readers’ reviews.

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Initiate Publishing Process

American Books Writer works with a handpicked team of industry’s professional literary agents. Our diligent approach, efficient execution, and exceptionally communicative staff distinguishes our ebook writing company among the renowned publishing houses. We keep you in the loop with our process and update you at every development in the publishing progress of your ebook. We prioritize your concerns, attend to all your queries, and resolve them at our earliest convenience. In addition to this, we follow standard procedure of refining your manuscripts to publishers’ expectations and compiling your ideas in best-selling digital copies.


The first stage in your publishing journey includes receiving a book proposal. In this stage, we receive a proposal from you with the necessary details regarding the pages, cover, and print. Here, you share your idea of how you want your book to be with our team.


Once the proposal is approved, you can send your manuscript our way. We will edit your text and proofread it to eliminate all the errors and mistakes. If you have ordered us to write your book you can skip this part as it is covered already in our comprehensive service.


In this stage, we review the structure of your manuscript and the substance of its text. This stage is detailed and thorough because our editors revise your book word by word with a meticulous lens, and only then approve and forward it to publishing houses.

Money Talk

This is where we talk about the payment according to the services you wish to acquire. The amount is also based on the length of your manuscript and usually varies based on the additional features and embellishments, and other specific publishing requirements.


After you accept the amount of money you are willing to pay, we move on to the final stage which is to deliver you the ebook in your chosen digital print. We can even have your book published in soft paperbacks and grand hardcovers; your wish is our command!


We diligently review everything one last time to ensure the print, fonts, and cover meet your expectations in addition to the distribution and accessibility of your book in the market. Just prepare yourself to sign millions of copies you are about to sell.