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Creating Exclusive Book Author Website Service

Optimize your digital authority, reinforce your literary credibility, and personalize your virtual connection with your avid reader base with our exceptional SEO-oriented author website design services.

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Towards Digital Ascendancy

Did you think the list of our skills would end at just book writing? Prepare to have your jaw dropped then: we have website designers and developers too! And not just ordinary creators - but experienced technical wizards who will open the doors for your audiences to dive deeper into your imagination, connect with your thought process and inspirations, and establish your credible online presence.

Furthermore, our team employs advanced SEO tools and strategies, determines relevant keywords that match the common searches of the dedicated bookworms, and targets your potential readers to rank your website the highest! Moreover, our content writing expertise surpasses your expectations with appropriate division, welcoming tone, and optimized phrases.


Literary Haven for Authors

If you are searching for a company that constructs a top-notch website with the required content in budget-friendly packages, you need to look no further! We handle every aspect of your online presence by creating a leads-generating author website design. Our exceptional services cater to any niche you may wish to target, as this gallery showcases!



Your words have the power to market your literary appeal to target audiences too. The secret ingredients are keywords- relevant to book trends, plagiarism-free content, and carefully optimized phrases. Hence, we specialize in creating a brand around your author persona with cutting-edge SEO resources to skyrocket your online presence up the search engine rankings.

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Web Design

Our author website designers offer a peek through the curtain of our creativity to your prospective book readers. In the grand scheme of building a connection with your audiences, we can offer to embellish that digital curtain with fascinating layouts that flutter the hearts of all book lovers. Moreover, the navigable features seamlessly welcome avid and new readers into your imagination.

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Lasting Appeal

Are you penning down an eternally timeless story that will remain in readers' minds forever? It may not be enough to maintain your relevance as an author in this evolving age of literary dynamism. Hence, we remain up-to-date with the progressing digital trends to design (and consistently upgrade) your website and solidify your connection with your audiences forevermore.

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It is quite necessary now for your website to be available everywhere, on all devices. In the age where people are glued to their phones and spend most of their time on this device, mobile friendliness becomes imperative for your exclusive author’s website. Therefore, to maximize your reach and grow your audience, we deliver you a website that is accessible on every digital platform.

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Authors’ Website Design Process

We develop websites for both- accomplished authors with millions of copies sold as best-sellers and amateur book writers just getting started on their first novel. Before we offer you a price rate, we evaluate your experience as an author and determine your requirements for an exclusive author's website. Our innovative website design services cover everything from start to finish. If you're confused about how the procedure works, inquire, and our customer service rep will help. We'll list the sections you require on your site and provide a quotation. American Books Writer will create responsive and static websites that boost your credibility as an author.


We initiate our collaboration by arranging an online meeting to fully understand your requirements for the website. Then, we will conduct extensive research on the genres you write and the readers you target.

Keyword Adjustment

We determine keywords after learning about your audience and competition. Our SEO specialists find the most popular search terms among the people you wish to reach to write relevant and appropriate content.


Once the keywords are finalized, our writers carefully incorporate them across your website. In addition to optimizing your content, we ensure it communicates directly with your readers and engages them throughout.

Mock up Website

While our content writing team continues to channel its imagination, our designers begin implementing their technical ingenuity by creating a mock up website to give you hint of how your characteristic online platform will appear.

Testing And Approval

Before unveiling your digital platform, we test it one more time for user-friendliness and functionality. We evaluate your websites’ performance on various browsers and screen sizes to perfect it for your approval.

Going Live

Upon testing your website and receiving the stamp of your approval, we just need to push some buttons and make it available to your books’ potential buyers throughout the world and create an uproar amongst your literary following.