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Captivating Audio Books Services

Are you ready to mesmerize your audiobook listeners with emotionally powerful and articulate storytelling that transcends bookworms into the land of imagination?
Let American Books Writer narrate your book the way it needs to be listened to.

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The Best You Can Get

In the era of declining attention spans and increasingly buzzing routines, easily accessible audio books dominate the disappearing trend of book reading.

Audiobooks are the memorable recording of a book that you can listen to anywhere. At American Books Writer, experienced narrators come together in the collective spirit of adding symphony to your text and delivering a euphonious experience to readers. They specialize in mystifying the readers of an enchanting fairy tale and keeping the suspense enthusiasts on the edge of their seats with their steady tone, gripping pauses, and eloquent storytelling. In addition to our budget-friendly packages, our audiobook services are available on every platform, from phones to CDs, for readers' convenience and authors' influential success.


Words that Resonate

American Books Writer has hooked the reading enthusiasts and busy-bees on the road with powerful narrations that connect directly with the listeners. Our gallery is the collection of 12+ years of dedication, handpicking the ideal voice and constantly upgrading the features of our audio books online.


Quality above All

American Books Writer tells your story in the best way possible. Our professional audiobook narrators create such a magical environment with their voices for the listeners that they begin to feel your story. We lay great emphasis on the quality of our audiobooks, accents, pronunciation, and continuity to make your story a pleasurable experience for the listeners.

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We think about everybody

Let your audiobook assist students with excessive workload, speak to people living with visual impairment, and ease the reading process for multitaskers. We offer audio book services for authors who wish for their book to reach out to various recipients unable to read it for any reason. Having your story connect with maximum people garners popularity, generates higher sales, and gets your copies sold in millions.

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Beyond a Good Book

Audiobooks are a great way to connect with people all around the world. Through audiobooks, your story will reach places you never even thought of. Hence, American Books Writer specialize in creating an imaginative world and magical aura around the listeners and remains the trusted partners of libraries and schools with outstanding audiobook recording and distribution services.

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A Company for You

American Books Writer has been in this business for over a decade now. Our super talented and highly professional team of specialists worked upon 500+ audiobooks and made half of them reach the best-selling list with the depth and intensity of their voice. Therefore, our comprehensive and inclusive services may be the last step on your books’ way to its roaring and loud success.

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The Rewarding Process

The finest audiobook services cater to 100% client satisfaction, fulfil their creative obligation, and professionally deliver the task. Bearing this in mind, American Books Writer strives to live up to our promise by adhering to an intricate process management approach that enriches innovation and guarantees on-time delivery of alluring audiobooks.
Let us explain the steps involved in creating an audiobook. Even though it is not mandatory to take these actions, the following steps provide a rough skeleton of the journey we take to transform your manuscripts into the most listened-to audiobooks.


Place your order for an audiobook and let’s begin scripting and narrations! We pay close attention to the phonics, names, and pronunciation.


We can improve your writing to make it sound more interesting to the reader. It will make the experience all around better for your listeners.


Wonderful voice-over artists are on board to help us bring our book projects to life. We'll assign you one focused on the voice that is best-suited to your project.

Sound Directing

Our disciplined sound art staff guarantees quality in order to ensure that your projects have a sound that is both uplifting and professional.


Our sound experts will work on the recording until it is cleaned up and polished. We also filter the signal to remove all noise and distortion.


Finally, we will test and evaluate the sounds and narration to before letting your audiobook speak its volume on renowned platforms.